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Heart Catheter Center Dr. Heyer Günter

The heart of Invasive Cardiology is the state of the art cardiac catheterization laboratory in which an experienced team of experts offers the latest scientific aspects of high-technology medicine in a very human and sensitive manner for the benefit of patients.

Chronicle of the cardiac catheterization laboratory in Salzburg

  •     March 2000

In March 2000, the first private cardiac catheterization laboratory in Austria started its operation. Since that time, about 4000 Heart katheter operations have been conducted in this laboratory. In nearly 1500 cases with balloon expansion , stent implantation or use of alternative methods such as cutting balloon, performed drug eluting balloon, intravascular ultrasound, etc. .

Not only coronary arteries, but our service also includes carotid arteries ( carotid , vertebral artery ) , brachial arteries ( subclavian artery ), renal arteries ( renal artery ) and pelvis / leg arteries ( iliac , femoral artery ) .

  •     January 2012

Cardiac catheterization laboratory Salzburg with new technology

Since the beginning of 2012 at the Invasive Cardiology Salzburg, Dr. Heyer is a new ultra-modern digital catheter lab in operation. This technology can reduce the necessary radiation exposure for patients to below 10% of the otherwise necessary dose and significantly improves diagnosis and treatment options.

  •     October 2012

Cardiac catheterization specialist Dr. Schuler joins the team

After his years of work in the LKH Salzburg Dr. Jochen Schuler reinforced in October 2012 , the cardiac catheter laboratory of Dr. Heyer in Salzburg.

Dr. Schuler has worked in various cardiac cath lab since 1998. He has performed over 8000 procedures and specializes in access over the wrist. With this method he has the longest experience in Austria.

Non invansive Cardiology

In addition to the listed invasive procedures but also all non- invasive cardiological methods are offered as ECG at rest and during exercise on an outpatient or inpatient conditions , 24-hour Holter ECG , ultrasound of the heart , the abdomen and the peripheral vessels and 24 hour blood pressure measurement.

Internist and cardiologist Dr. Heyer Günter

Through my work as a resident physician of the private Wehrle also inpatient evaluation and treatment of all internal medicine and cardiology problems are possible.