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Information for patients

Inpatient treatment is performed by Dr. Heyer in the private clinic Wehrle. The billing of the services performed by the private clinic Wehrle. With virtually all Austrian private insurance will be charged directly .

Patients from abroad - billing arrangements and costs

Patients from abroad receive an estimate of the private clinic Wehrle. With this you can resolve the cost recovery with your insurance company. The doctor's fees are based , for example, German patients at the German rate of physicians. Usually, a prepayment is due on hospital admission.

Service for patients - private hospital Wehrle

Accommodation is in the private clinic Wehrle with premium service for our patients.

The food is prepared in the restaurant in the private clinic Wehrle of a chef . You have the option to bring along a companion and can take advantage of the proximity of the city of Salzburg in the course of your stay.

If you opt for an examination or treatment at our institute , we offer discretion, enough time to answer all your questions , a professional treatment at a high level and a very individual design of your stay.

Duration heart catheter examination

Usually stay for a cardiac catheterization is two nights . This time , however, can be depending on your needs , shortened. This very individual design ability and personal care provided by your examiner are our major strengths over the public hospitals .

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