Ausdauersport und HerzpatientenSport influence

Aerobic exercise can prolong life up to seven years

In cardiac patient movement is partially effective than medications or implanted stent. (Article )

 In the group of over-60s are the most common cause of death : constriction of the coronary vessels. Every year, about half to three percent of these patients had a heart attack , said cardiologist Jochen Schuler, Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg, at the meeting of the Chamber of Pharmacists in Saalfelden.

" The foundation of therapy must be to stop smoking , exercise and Mediterranean diet . Otherwise make neither drug therapy nor stents ( stents , note) or bypasses ( bypassing a bottleneck , note) meaning " training could be a much more effective measure than any stent " . There are even data , which is thus the vascular regress deposits. "Who will start in mid-life with endurance sports , lengthen his life by seven years . Patients with cardiovascular disease is recommended endurance training : "At least four times a week for at least 20 minutes at 40 to 60 % of maximum capacity . "

" Strictures may remain stable for years when loads are reduced by risk factors such as high blood pressure or smoking ," said Schuler . Since the introduction of the smoking ban in public buildings four years ago in Germany , the number of hospital admissions was due to obstructed coronary arteries by 13 percent.

Classical identification marks - often long before a heart attack - chest pain that radiates into various body regions ( angina). " For women, there are often quite different complaints - . Performance hit , shortness of breath , nausea or discomfort in the upper abdomen "