Katheter, dünn wie SpaghettiCatheter thin like 'Spaghetti'

Heart catheter - 'thin like Spaghetti'

Article : Salzburger Nachrichten ... Knowledge Compact ... on 21.11.2012

Salzburg (SN ) . Minimal radiation exposure and maximum radiation safety for the patient - on the new cardiac catheterization facility in the private cardiac catheterization laboratory of Dr. Heyer in Salzburg aims . The only 1.2 millimeters wide catheters are as fine as spaghetti. ' This has the advantage that there are no more injuries in the manipulations in the vascular system ,' says cardiologist Dr. Günter Heyer . ' It also leads to significantly less postoperative bleeding and the patient is allowed to get up again after the operation very quickly . '

Increasingly, cardiac catheter examinations are carried out on the wrist. In the laboratory, Dr. Heyer cardiologist Dr. Jochen Schuler is specialized , has established this method since 2005 in Salzburg.

A future looks Günter Heyer in outpatient and day- hospital cardiac catheter examinations . ' Such are in the Netherlands or Canada already common practice . In Austria the social security system does not provide for only inpatient cardiac catheterization studies. But we are sure that in future also in Austria a part of these procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis , 'says Dr. Heyer .