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Heart catheter center in Salzburg with new technology

Article : Salzburger Nachrichten

Salzburg (SN ) . Dr. Heyer , Günter , cardiac catheterization laboratory Salzburg with new technology

Since the beginning of 2012 at the Invasive Cardiology Salzburg, Dr. Heyer a new state of the art cardiac catheterization lab is in operation. This can reduce the necessary radiation exposure for patient to below 10% of the otherwise necessary dose.

Thus is the modern technology with well-trained, experienced cardiac catheterization team is available for the Salzburg heart patients. The new technology opens up new possibilities in the diagnosis and therapy - for example, in constrictions on peripheral vessels such as pelvic and renal arteries or the carotid artery . , For the patients the newest and most modern cardiac catheterization laboratory of Austria with the our team is ready ' , says Günter Heyer, head of the laboratory .

In the picture Günter Heyer, Bea Oppermann ( radiologisch-techn. Assistant) Diploma Nurse Christa clear . The cardiac catheterization laboratory consists in twelve years - and is the first of its kind in Austria and private individuals . Contact: Dr. Günter Heyer Lasserstraße 37 , 5020 Salzburg. Tel : 0662872455