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Tougher tobacco laws - Fewer heart attacks

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Sharp tobacco laws beat the numbers of cardiovascular diseases down.

For prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease lifestyle medicine is becoming increasingly important - catching up in Austria

Saalfelden / Berlin - From the world of 53 million deaths in 2010 were due 15.6 million on cardiovascular disease. Only then was followed by cancer with approximately eight million victims . In Western industrialized countries , however, the frequency of diseases of the circulatory system goes back . Reasons for this include stricter tobacco laws , declared Sunday evening at the Salzburg cardiologist Jochen Schuler at the 46th Scientific training week of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists in Saalfelden ( through March 8 ), with approximately 500 participants.

"In Europe and the U.S., the heart attack rate is going down . During the past ten years, she went back to 16 to 18 percent. Decline in cardiac mortality was more than 70 percent," Schuler said.

Catching up in Austria

According to a recent analysis of the EU , Austria has here compared to most other member countries to catch up in terms of the tobacco law and the protection of the Non smoking . Several years ago, was detected in Italy, that all imported rigorous smoking bans in restaurants and the public led, within a short time to a decrease in infarction rates with up to 65 -year-olds by more than eleven percent.

The same takes place - in not so strict laws - in Germany from . The cardiologist : "In Germany was reinforced four years ago the Non smoking protection Since then, the number of hospital admissions has declined by 13 percent due to acute infarction . . "

Non- smoking and regular physical activity are at least as important in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as the most advanced medical procedures or drugs , said the expert , " lifestyle medicine is sometimes much more effective than any stent ( stent , Note Red according to scientific studies . ) . "
Medical progress

A large proportion of cardiovascular disease is due to the deadly quartet. Abdominal obesity , diabetes , hypertension, and elevated blood lipids among them. Although more and more people suffer from this so-called metabolic syndrome , the progress of medicine it is due , however, that the treatment options are varied and become better. In case of immediate intervention , a heart attack is no longer a death sentence.

Follow-up , lifestyle modification and management of risk factors are crucial for the prognosis and are now the focus of the efforts of the medicine.

Nevertheless, coronary heart disease remains a prominent issue. Schuler: " When 65 - year-old men , the incidence of coronary heart disease is eight percent , the new occurrence per year, two percent in women , there are five or 1.5 per cent. . " In the group of 80 - to 85 -year-olds , the frequency of such suffering among the men is already at 20 percent , among women at 15 percent. (APA / red , derStandard.at , 03/04/2013 )

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