Patientenmeinungen KardiologieWhat patients say

What do patients say to cardiology center?

Here you will find statements of patients about the quality of treatment in cardiology practice, Dr. Heyer in the private clinic Wehrle.

Patients are asked constantly about the treatment and about your stay in the Wehrle clinic.

  •     360 - degree wrap-around care and highest degree of health care quality
  •     All the best ! Too bad that I've been home needs !
  •     Pleasant atmosphere .
  •     Extraordinarily good and loving care.
  •     Especially friendly staff.
  •     The friendly staff and the whole atmosphere - great. Does very well
  •     The at all times helpful, very friendly nursing and medical team
  •     The staff , pleasant climate, food is all very well
  •     The great food . If the sight and taste of food stimulates the appetite , so carries the safe in the healing of the patient. thank you very much
  •     Beautiful, well -appointed rooms and the loving care at all times .
  •     Very pleasant atmosphere and good Care.
  •     The extraordinary kindness of the staff.
  •     The special attention medically
  •     The best care that you can imagine


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