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Definitions cardiology

Here are some terms relating to cardiology and interventional cardiology are briefly explained .

cardiac catheterization

Cardiac catheterization is a minimally invasive medical examination of the heart via a catheter introduced via venous or arterial veins of the bar , the elbow or the wrist. Depending on the investigation target different locations in the heart or into the coronary arteries can be controlled.
The position of the target determines the choice of approach , one speaks of the right heart catheter when the area of ​​the right ventricle should be investigated accordingly by left heart catheterization in the study of the left ventricle .

Right heart catheterization is rarely performed, the left heart catheterization more frequently , especially to make at coronary angiography the coronary arteries visible and may dilate under a balloon. More information can be found on wikipedia.


A stent is a medical implant which is inserted into the hollow organs , to keep them open. The German term for stent is ' stent '.
It is usually the stent is a small mesh tubes made of metal or synthetic fibers.

In the cardiac catheterization laboratory Salzburg stents are used

After a PCTA - this treatment is referred to as stent angioplasty : Here stents are used in blood vessels, especially the coronary arteries to prevent after a coronary artery enlargement ( PCTA ) a renewed closure ;
- In the course of cancer treatment : In cancer treatment stents are used to keep open caused by malignant tumors narrowing of airways ( trachea ) , biliary tract or esophagus after dilatation .

PTCA - coronary artery enlargement

Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA ) is a method for extending obstructed coronary arteries .

PTCA is performed in the cardiac catheterization laboratory of Dr. Heyer in the course of a cardiac catheter examination . Here, a balloon catheter is placed at the constriction in the vessel.
A balloon catheter is a thin, flexible plastic tube at the end of which an inflatable balloon is located. The catheter then a so-called ' X-ray contrast medium ' sprayed and thus controls the position of the balloon in the X-ray screen.