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Heart catheter surgery - A case study for professionals

A 80 year old patient MW is assigned by their treating internist for cardiac catheterization. He has a risk profile with regard to atherosclerosis, namely arterial hypertension and hypercholesterolemia. In the resting ECG is a left anterior hemiblock and during exercise , there is a heaping supraventricular extrasystoles , but no significant changes.

Secondary finding they reported in the anamnesis pain in the right hip when walking - it will probably be a wear and tear of the hip , coxarthrosis be , he says.

On physical examination, a much weaker pulse at the right bar falls on . It is then carried out the catheterization of the left bar from Judkins technique, a relevant CHD is not available. In the subsequent presentation of the right iliac artery , a subtotal occlusion of the common iliac artery shows kollateralisierter right immediately after the bifurcation .

The shutter can pass from the left antegrade and dilated with a 5.0 mm balloon catheter. Then from the right groin of a 6.0 mm diameter 18 mm long balloon -expanding stent is placed without any problems. Both bars are supplied with a sealing device and mobilizes the patient 3 hours after the procedure.

The patient is treated with drugs permanently and 75 mg Plavix for 6 months with 100 mg of ASA , in a clinical control, they reported that the pain in the right hip are gone.

Hochgradige Stenose A. iliaca communis rechts
Ballondilatation von linker Leiste
Stentimplantation von rechter Leiste
Ergebnis nach PTA und Stent